About Us

Technology that is in harmony with the environment and our lifestyle

ESSEN H&P which has been provided total irrigation system specialized in agricultural sector in order to overcome
the reality of global shortage of water and food has created new values continuously since its establishment in 2013.
It is a definitely human and social development contributor. It is doing its best to increase quality crop harvest with efficient amount of water.

Vertical integration of ESSEN H&P
has been a intensive engine of sustainable innovation.

Despite its short corporation history, it has been passed down manufacturing facilities,
repair, and core production technologies from its parent company,
professional plastic extrusion system global provider since its establishment in 1998.
Finally, it could be positioned as a proper irrigation total solution provider in the early stage.
ESSEN H&P's total drip irrigation system provides complete or in part drip hose,
nutrient cultivator, fertigator, and accessories.